A late summer garden…

Flowers, Fuji 35 f/2, Fujifilm XT3, Summer, Zinnia

Today is the final day of summer, as Autumn is welcomed into our lives once again….a season where we will enjoy fresh, crisp air, colors changing from full summer green to red, burgundy, brown, orange, yellow and yellow green. Those colors will bring a splash of excitement to our eyes and senses as we watch the daily flow out the window, and on our walks and drives through the countryside.

We’ve removed the faded summer blooming annuals in the garden table, replacing them with autumn coleus colors of deep red, burgundy, and vibrant green. The Bunny Tail grasses are turning a bit of burgundy hints on the fuzzy tops and slim, swaying grass leaves.

The zinnias has done quite well with only a few seeds planted. They have decided to explode after the heat, and the little bush is full of mini blooms, varying from a few rows of petals to many rows. We were impressed to have so many colors coming from one stem. Nature is intriguing that way.

The bee was buzzing around the blooms this evening.

And a tiny yellow lady bug…….

“A late summer garden has tranquility found no other time of year.” ~William F. Longgood

Thank you for the visit.

2 thoughts on “A late summer garden…

  1. Dear Beverly!
    What a glorious series of pictures of this late summer or early autumn… your zinnias are somptuous and make me regret so much that they don’t want to grow in my garden after many attempts… you’ve accomplished your autumn cleaning in your garden and already prepared for winter… I have complexes on this subject as I haven’t started cleaning my garden yet! This post is really delightful and enchanted my eyes Beverly! Enjoy a colorful autumn season!


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