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Bleeding Hearts

While I wait for official spring to arrive very soon, I’m planning a few additions to our patio flower garden, making a list of things that need to be added:  good soil, lime, and a little tilling.   Putting on the garden gloves, picking up the trowel and fork, will be a nice experience to enjoy on an early warm spring day.  I’m counting on an “early spring” this year, since it looks hopeful as I write this post today.

Several summer birds have arrived out in the wooded land…I’ve heard them this week singing in the mornings.

I hope to plant seeds for a few cutting flowers this summer:  cosmos, and zinnias are the top two favorites.   Last fall, I planted three cat tail grasses, and hope they make a quick growth spurt.  These bleeding heart photos were taken at my former neighbor’s house a few years ago.

Good-bye February, 2021.

2 thoughts on “It’s what I do

  1. What a delightful composition Beverly… the soft pastel colors of these delicate bleeding hearts take us to Spring, even if its time hasn’t come yet in your place… it looks like you have plenty of projects for your new garden… have a beautiful March Beverly!

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  2. Oh Beverly, what a wonderful collage you’ve created … those bleeding hearts are so lovely !
    We’ve had some beautiful warm days too, really looking forward to Spring 🙂
    Enjoy gardening !

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