Bottle Collection

My creativeness goes in several directions.  After a while, I move on to a different version of “creative”.  Currently, I’m enjoying using textures again on my photography.   Quite a few years ago, I was introduced to them, and I loved the effect they gave a photo.   Over the years I’ve acquired so many nice collections, so using them is always a fun way to spend time in PS, changing blend modes and making other adjustments.

Currently, a few of my favorite texture designers are French Kiss Textures and 2Lil Owls.  French Kiss Textures, Leslie Nicole, just started a Facebook group for fans using her textures and digital designs, so I’ve joined in, and anticipate sharing with a new community.  The great thing about placing textures on a photograph is the flexibility of using any type of photo – whether outdoor scenes/landscape, still life, flowers, portraiture, etc.  It’s all in the “eye of the creator”, so whatever “look or mood” the creator likes, is what will work.

Here are a few I’ve worked on this week.

Bottle collection


Winter tulips


Enjoying the dock

I hope to gather a nice collection to print on cards for gifts.  And it’s a fun way to spend winter time indoors, waiting for those first warm spring days.

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  1. Peabea

    I’ve always used her textures too as well as creating my own. Love making the digital scrapbooking kits as well. Learned in the beginning with PS from Kim Klassen’s tutorials. I also follow French Kiss-Leslie on Instagram. Nice to meet a fellow photography fan. I do a link up each Tuesday called Pictorial Tuesday, and would love to have you share your photography and textured photography anytime. You can find me at Peabea Scribbles on Blogger or on WordPress at Peabea’s Photography Patch.

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  2. o148lm

    Textures and digital designs are tools offering us many possibilities to alter or improve a photograph, to emphazise or in the contrary soften a moody or a cheerful atmosphere in a picture… it’s, as you say, so much fun to try different textures and play with the blending modes or add brushes here and there to convey a vintage look or a grungy effect to a still life… like you I love Leslie Nicole’s textures, overlays and brushes and Kim Klassen’s collections of textures… I’ve bought many from both artists and appreciated their lessons about how to use them…
    I love the way you’re applying these textures on your pictures Beverly, a subtle and soft work of blending which adds a really dreamy atmosphere to all of the 3 pictures you show in this post… I love the first picture so much with the bottles, very finely worked with a lovely transparency and I’m sure it will make an extraordinary beautiful postcard!

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  3. Sylvia Houben

    I’ve always enjoyed Kim’s Texture Tuesday and have a lot of textures too …
    These are all wonderful, I so love the one with the tulips … just gorgeous !
    Hope you’re having a nice week,

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