“Asset Gathering”

Today I read this blog post with great interest, on the topic “asset gathering”.  https://usuallydave.com/2019/10/16/how-an-asset-gathering-mindset-sets-you-up-for-success-with-long-term-projects/

“asset gathering”

2 thoughts on ““Asset Gathering””

  1. Hi Beverly!
    Sorry for the lack of comments on your previous posts… I was so busy, sorry… I just love the faded tones of these autumn images, they call for nostalgia and show a bit of a wintery mood… have a lovely week!


  2. Well, that tavern looks nice. Jim and I would like it there. The wet streets make it look so awesome and saturated. I love your soft-hued leaves. We are always chasing the vibrant colors but soft, muted tones are lovely also. I will check out that blog post that you were talking about…It’s so much fun to find a new blog post to look at…Have a great week.


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