Roses, roses and roses

Roses, roses, and roses

The first flush of David Austin roses is nearing the end.  Last week there were so many blooming at once.  There were at least a dozen….I cut them, placed in a vase and enjoyed them for less than 48 hours before the petals dropped onto the table.   In the garden, I love finding them with their heads drooped over, nodding.

This photo was taken this evening because I needed a break from all the packing, downsizing, and sorting.   I’ll not be seeing them bloom again at this house.


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Hello....I'm a hobbyist photographer...creative most days, and in love with my slow living style. The country is where I long to be, although the city is where I am.

4 thoughts on “Roses, roses and roses

  1. Dear Beverly, your roses are so scrumptious, so voluptuous and in the same time so delicate and subtle… I hope you’ll have another rosetree in your new garden and you’ll be be able to share pictures of the roses with us next year…

  2. Fortunately for you, your photos of your prize David Austins will always be with you. You have taken such lovely photos over the years. I hope you find room when you move to plant another little one for yourself. We will all miss them…don’t forget to pace yourself.

  3. How funny I just photographed a couple of mine that were hanging down. Haven’t downloaded them yet. You know Great Minds! The little bit of color on the edges is very pretty.

  4. Oh, Beverly, are you moving ?
    Of course you have a lot to do … wish you all the best with your new home !
    Wonderful roses, love the soft pastel tones.

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