Autumn, LensBaby, Macro lens, Manual mode, Ragdoll, Zinnia

A little photo time in the flower bed this morning when I noticed some wild fungus had popped up among the ground cover. These forms fascinate me…the color, the curls and their short lived life. I tried a couple of lenses, but loved the LensBaby Velvet 56 the best, with it’s small focus area, and soft background, plus the ability to get very close to the subject.

And then the Zinnia……just keep blooming, and growing taller. We haven’t had the first frost yet, so they just keep leaving beauty at the patio edge.

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Last week we said our final good-by’s to our dear Murphy….he had just turned 11 last week. Since 2014 he had a congenital health issue, that often made his breathing very difficult, and it worsened over the years. His quiet, gentle, and loving nature will always hold very fond and happy memories for our family. Teddy misses him too.

A late summer garden…

Flowers, Fuji 35 f/2, Fujifilm XT3, Summer, Zinnia

Today is the final day of summer, as Autumn is welcomed into our lives once again….a season where we will enjoy fresh, crisp air, colors changing from full summer green to red, burgundy, brown, orange, yellow and yellow green. Those colors will bring a splash of excitement to our eyes and senses as we watch the daily flow out the window, and on our walks and drives through the countryside.

We’ve removed the faded summer blooming annuals in the garden table, replacing them with autumn coleus colors of deep red, burgundy, and vibrant green. The Bunny Tail grasses are turning a bit of burgundy hints on the fuzzy tops and slim, swaying grass leaves.

The zinnias has done quite well with only a few seeds planted. They have decided to explode after the heat, and the little bush is full of mini blooms, varying from a few rows of petals to many rows. We were impressed to have so many colors coming from one stem. Nature is intriguing that way.

The bee was buzzing around the blooms this evening.

And a tiny yellow lady bug…….

“A late summer garden has tranquility found no other time of year.” ~William F. Longgood

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September …..

Autumn, Fujifilm XT3, Kim Klassen, nature

Being the first week of September, the thought came to me about why I love September….as an introvert, I’ve always been drawn to quieter times of the year. So, as the sun’s direction changes, and the weather begins to cool, my inward clock is telling me it’s time to slow down, pause, reflect and enjoy….just as it is.

September has long been a source of inspiration for poets, writers, and artists. And Autumn seems to be conducive to creativeness, a time to be quiet, relax, ponder inside our head with new things.

It shows us how beautiful it is to let things go. It’s a time for reflection and solitude.

May you have a beautiful Autumn season this year.

Lr Template and Presets from Kim Klassen @ https://discover.kimklassen.com

Early morning dew

cosmos, Flowers, Fujifilm XT3, Helios lens, Summer

This morning when I looked out the patio door, I saw the dew drops on the Bunny Tail grasses. Normally I’m eating breakfast and enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee, but today it was a moment to enjoy the early morning light, and dew on the full-on summer flowers and grasses. Loading on the Helios lens, I found these moments to be magical, as the warm sunshine fell across the water drops and the blooming cosmos.

The sun will be warming up today, to over 90 degrees, with high humidity….so I’ll be inside, in climate controlled air, playing with photos, or at the sewing/embroidery machine.

Have a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by, with a “like” or a comment. ♡

(the cosmos seeds are compliments of my French friend….Odile! Thank you so much for sharing beauty from your garden)

Welcoming August 2021

Anna Aspnes Designs, Art, Flowers, Fujifilm XT3, Queen Anne's Lace

The first two months of summer seems to have disappeared, so quickly, and here it is the first day of August! I have been taking photos, a lot of them, especially in July, mostly scenery and local sites. Yesterday evening, we took an evening drive, while our weather has cooled to “fall like” temperatures, enjoying our local downtown with Saturday evening Old Car show, and a free concert at the Amphitheater where people were gathering, with their portable chairs, and blankets to enjoy a night of music under the night light. We headed to our local park, and I found a lovely display of Queen Anne’s Lace….in a location, not along a highway or roadside, where I could safely stop and take some time to photograph.

The cropped focus on the flowers was altered in Topaz Impressions using two filters, followed with a few layers of textures, and completed with artistic elements for a painting.

Queen Anne’s Lace

I hope you are enjoying your summer, and cherish the last half of the summer weeks.

Thank you for stopping by……my sincere thanks! ♡

Woodland flowers

Bokeh, Fujifilm XT3, macro, Macro lens, Manual mode, nature, Outing, Spring
Woodland flowers

With my macro lens and camera, I went for a walk to the woods, just at the end of our inlet. Finding spring flowers blooming, especially ones that will have wild fruit in a few months, is exciting. Today I found wild honeysuckle and wild raspberries in bloom. The soft raspberry pinks stood out against the leafy greens and dark stems.

The template is from Kim Klassen’s Inner Circle supplies, and is fun to add my photos to, as well as her textures and some purchased fun fonts.