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Bittersweet I
Bittersweet II
Bittersweet III

Snow reflection light is the perfect setting for still life photography, and today is ideal.   We are snuggled up in warmer clothes, and tucked in our home, while the snow is swirling and falling outside the windows, creating a picturesque winter wonderland.  It’s quite magical here, and very quiet….my favorite kind of weather.



The colors of winter trees and blue sky colors always pull on me to photograph, and reflections of trees in water are even more enticing.   On this early December day, sun shining and blue sky, we drove north 8 minutes to the reservoir to see if we could find ducks, geese, or birds. There were no ducks or geese, and only one or two seagulls flying above the water.   While I walked along the path near the water, and found very little worth photographing, at the end of the path was a small pond and trees.  That was where I found my delight of the trip. For some reason, normally, the end of my camera roll is where I find my favorite photos of a shoot.


The last month of this year is quickly coming to an end.  Very soon, my internal motivation will kick in and I’ll be culling the 2020 photos, choosing a dozen or so of my favorites to put in a collage, and delete the many “shots” that don’t make the cut.  It is a reward exercise from start to finish, and gives me closure to a year of my hobby.

I recently upgraded my Fuji camera body to the new XT3 and a 16-80 f/4 lens.  I love them both very very much.  So, I’m looking forward to what I will learn from it as I start out the new year taking pictures with it, learning about the many nice features it has.

Please check out The Inner Circle page for some fun “Make” items.

Wishing you a lovely week.  Thank you for visiting.

He knows when you are sleeping……

Santa Clause is coming to town

There is much to be said about waiting on Santa this year, even for the adults.  With the world in an unusual state of disruption, I like to think that the one season, Christmas time, will be a bit more jolly and fun, and I’m willing to play along with the pretend and magic of it all.

Last week I popped into a couple of local small shops to check out Christmas decorations, and an antique shop where I found a few fun oldies to use in my photography stills; a hobby that keeps me engaged in the quietness that winter is bringing on, and some “hygge” moodiness.

We’ve not had a good snow yet, so that is on my list of “wishes”, because when the ground is covered in white fluffy snowflakes, I get all cozy inside, and look out my large window at the quiet and gentleness of it all.

And I’ve been craving a really good hot cocoa with real peppermint chips in it….I’ll have to make my own…the one I bought last week with peppermint flavoring just didn’t do the trick, so to say.

Although our year was drastically changed early on, I want to send you warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas, and pray that the New Year brings more jolliness and happiness, with good will and good health to all.

Winter fox

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The gift of creating

The Creator created us to create

Someone recently said these words, and they seemed so appropriate today.

One of my favorite 2012 New Dawn photographs edited today in Photoshop with texture layers, masking layers, and overlays.  It feels comforting to let my mind loose and be refreshed with art play, today.

Night time starts earlier and earlier

Night life at the Reservoir



Evening boating


Night lights    7:30 p.m. EDT

When we pulled out of the garage and headed north, the sky was quickly loosing the daylight and by the time we went through the handmade ice cream drive through, the daylight was almost gone.  We haven’t been on the reservoir in the early evening, so it was a nice change from the day time visits.  The water was quiet, only a few boats were out enjoying the quiet evening, and the restaurant across the water was busy with evening diners enjoying the water view.  I sat on the park bench taking photos, enjoying the soft warm breeze, and increasing darkness, as the lights across the way warmly glowed in the night.

Moments and memories like these will be the extra special highlights of the year.  I hope you are finding special memories and moments to tuck away in your mind and heart to reflect on with joy, to overshadow some of the uncommon and unpleasant times.


Autumn gathering

Wild berries and buttons


I’m in awe how the month of September is now more than half over, in spite of the conditions we are tolerating.  I’m calling 2020, the year of “the mask”.  🙈

As with so many things this year, it seems we may be headed for an unusually long, chilly autumn and winter.  My husband always asks me what my prediction for winter is, especially when I think the first snow might happen.  This year my “feeling” is we will have our first snow in October, not that it will last but I think it will be cold enough to snow that early.   Well, we will see.

This afternoon I needed to get outside, and just take a little walk into the wooded area at the end of our inlet.  I took my gathering bag and clippers, in search of some autumn leaves.  Right away I found some deep purple berries (in the photo), and also some red ones like these.  I preferred the dark purple ones for the photo shoot.  Wild raspberries, wild grapevines, and a few others came home with me, including a nice oak leaf cluster with an acorn attached.

I look forward to these cooler days we are already having, and enjoy the peaceful quietness it seems to bring to our life.

It’s a delight to have you follow along with me here, sharing a little photography and artplay.

Have a lovely weekend.



Hello September

Yes, it’s already the 3rd of the month; it’s a favorite month for so many, from what I read on everyone’s posts, including me.

The summer has zinged right on past, even with the different life we’ve endured. Patience ……

This month in The Inner Circle with Kim Klassen, Wonder & De[Light] will be our focus. Creating a collection of photos in LightRoom and sharing a link for you to view a little snippet of what I’ve enjoyed in 2020.


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