Understanding our own photography

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“The more we understand our own work, the more we understand ourselves. The more we understand our own work, the better our photos will be the next time we go shooting.” ~Lou Noble

Photography is a real passion I have. Once I grasped the technicals of the camera and lens, picking up my camera was an act that let me be in another world, one of imagination, seeing the unseen, capturing a special place or moment. These things still give me a peacefulness, and sense of excitement. They are what drives me to pick up my camera, and begin…looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD to make more, new, better pictures.

The end result for me is one of peace and calm, satisfaction with my finds, and being rewarded with completing another brand new adventure in outdoor photography.

Late April snow

Fujifilm XT3, Spring

Warm sunshine and temperatures graced our earthly location the past several weeks, giving us hope of early Spring time. Wednesday we awoke to 3″ of snow covering trees, grass, and rooftops. It did quickly melt throughout the day, as the sun came out, again warming our land.

More Spring

Flowers, Fujifilm 16-80 f/4, Fujifilm XT3, nature, Outing, Photography, Pink Magnolia, Spring
Flowering crab apple tree

This morning was very lovely…the sky started out overcast, then quickly cleared with a soft blue, cloudless background for shooting trees. Yesterday I had spied this very small park in our small community, with several flowering spring trees, so I was anticipating a little photo shoot. No one was there, and there were a few park benches where my husband could relax and wait, while I took my time. The flowering crab apple tree, the pink magnolia, and the redbud trees were all in bloom, and so pretty. It was my first outing in a very long time, and it was so enjoyable, in the soft, early sunshine.

pink magnolia
flowering crab buds

First signs of Spring buds

Fujifilm XT3, macro, Macro lens, Spring

First signs of spring growth

Yesterday afternoon I took a short walk, with my macro lens.  The maple trees that line our street are all bursting forth with the new seed pod growth.  We wait, sometimes a bit impatiently, for warm weather.  This years’ warmer than normal weather for March has been a real blessing.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope your day is filled with a lot of sunshine and happiness.

Transitioning light

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Late winter is nearing the calendar, and very soon the official Spring day arrives.  Noticing that there is a new direction of light encourages me, telling that spring is quickly nearing, while the birds are in the bare trees, singing welcoming spring songs, giving us even more hope of a brand new season, for a brand new year.

The Eastern light shines beautifully through three rooms of windows, landing on doors, walls, furniture and floors.  Capturing and celebrating shadows and light.

Light and Shadows


Shadows, light, and shells

It’s what I do

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Bleeding Hearts

While I wait for official spring to arrive very soon, I’m planning a few additions to our patio flower garden, making a list of things that need to be added:  good soil, lime, and a little tilling.   Putting on the garden gloves, picking up the trowel and fork, will be a nice experience to enjoy on an early warm spring day.  I’m counting on an “early spring” this year, since it looks hopeful as I write this post today.

Several summer birds have arrived out in the wooded land…I’ve heard them this week singing in the mornings.

I hope to plant seeds for a few cutting flowers this summer:  cosmos, and zinnias are the top two favorites.   Last fall, I planted three cat tail grasses, and hope they make a quick growth spurt.  These bleeding heart photos were taken at my former neighbor’s house a few years ago.

Good-bye February, 2021.

Hello….Winter …..

Fujifilm XT3, snow, Still life, Winter



Bittersweet I

Bittersweet II

Bittersweet III

Snow reflection light is the perfect setting for still life photography, and today is ideal.   We are snuggled up in warmer clothes, and tucked in our home, while the snow is swirling and falling outside the windows, creating a picturesque winter wonderland.  It’s quite magical here, and very quiet….my favorite kind of weather.