Woodland flowers

Bokeh, Fujifilm XT3, macro, Macro lens, Manual mode, nature, Outing, Spring
Woodland flowers

With my macro lens and camera, I went for a walk to the woods, just at the end of our inlet. Finding spring flowers blooming, especially ones that will have wild fruit in a few months, is exciting. Today I found wild honeysuckle and wild raspberries in bloom. The soft raspberry pinks stood out against the leafy greens and dark stems.

The template is from Kim Klassen’s Inner Circle supplies, and is fun to add my photos to, as well as her textures and some purchased fun fonts.

Understanding our own photography

Anna Aspnes Designs, Fujifilm 16-80 f/4, Fujifilm XT3, Manual mode, nature, Outing, Pastels, Photography, Queen Anne's Lace, Spring

“The more we understand our own work, the more we understand ourselves. The more we understand our own work, the better our photos will be the next time we go shooting.” ~Lou Noble

Photography is a real passion I have. Once I grasped the technicals of the camera and lens, picking up my camera was an act that let me be in another world, one of imagination, seeing the unseen, capturing a special place or moment. These things still give me a peacefulness, and sense of excitement. They are what drives me to pick up my camera, and begin…looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD to make more, new, better pictures.

The end result for me is one of peace and calm, satisfaction with my finds, and being rewarded with completing another brand new adventure in outdoor photography.

Late April snow

Fujifilm XT3, Spring

Warm sunshine and temperatures graced our earthly location the past several weeks, giving us hope of early Spring time. Wednesday we awoke to 3″ of snow covering trees, grass, and rooftops. It did quickly melt throughout the day, as the sun came out, again warming our land.